30 for 30: number 8: shades of purple

if it has not been discovered from my previous 30 for 30 posts, purple is my favorite color. i tend to wear it a lot and accessorize with it even more. today i went out all purple, purple top, shoes, and accessories. hope you like it! again, i am casual because i have to be for work...but i hope i manage to look casual and cute!

necklace is from loft (shocking), clutch bag (that also comes with a strap) is from nine west. 

              and to prove that i really do like purple a lot, a few shots from our wedding day!
i wore purple shoes...
and one the reception got underway, i switched my ivory sash for a purple one (made by my wonderful aunt), that exactly matched my wonderful bridesmaids...
...also in purple.

last but not least, i thought the boys needed a purple pop of color too.
purple socks! they weren't big fans, but i was!

30 for 30: number 7: lazy sunday

on sunday i did what i do most sundays. lounge around, do laundry, and clean! today i wore this comfy top from loft, the lounge section, and my comfy, now-streched-out-from-being-worn-all-week-jeans. i typically don't wear shoes when lounging around the house, but i did throw on my uggs when i ran out to the grocery store when the hubs.  as you will see i didn't wear any makeup or accessories, but i suppose that is what lazy days are for!
folding clothes. fun times. 

on a side note... lb also enjoyed a lazy sunday. she spent the day sleeping under this ultra-solf blanket we have!

sweet girl.


30 for 30: number 6: tailgating

on our wedding day i gave the hubs season football tickets to his alma mater, NCSU. we have headed out tailgating to all the home games and had a blast! however, my alma mater, happens to be one of NCSU's rivals, UNC!!! (go heels!) as much as i hate to, i try to be a good wife and wear red and white at state games, unless of course they are playing unc, in which case i PROUDLY wear my light blue. anyways, this is what i wore tailgating on saturday. i forgot to take a pic while we were actually tailgating, but i did recreate a picture back at home. 
like i said, i had to rock out the red for NCSU. i decided to wear my white ruffle j crew top. you'll note that in my original 30 for 30, i chose this top in purple. i had to make a swap, which i think is acceptable since i have not worn said item yet. i also jazzed this outfit up with my leopard flats!

next week UNC and NCSU play at noon. we are headed to tailgate at that game too. can't. wait. you'll see my wonderful blue outfit next week. 

30 for 30: number 5: girls night out

on friday, i only had to see a few kids and go to a staff meeting, so i was actually able to dress sorta cute! afterwork, i met 2 of my buds, mia, and rhian (who was in town from charlotte!). we headed to dinner and then to see due date. it was a great night, and we had some great laughs.
i didn't have to wear tights, but i have with this outfit before and it looks great!

you'll note my old wallet i used as a clutch. see mom, told you i would use it!

jewelry. i love this necklace (ny&co), it goes great with the pashmina. hope it is not too many neck accessories! also, i have on a great green cocktail ring...it's hard to see, but i love it!

bathroom: mini makeover

when keith and i moved into our new place we had a lot of things to do. we had to combine our items, decide how we wanted to decorate and then actually decorate (on a budget). where we live now is the first place we have ever lived together, and while we don't own it (it's just a 2 bedroom apt we rent), i still wanted it to look great! i wanted to decorate a little, but not go crazy because we will not live here forever, and i did not want to buy stuff i could not later use. one day...we will buy a house and decorate it from top to bottom and i cannot wait!

one of the big challenges we (i) faced was decorating our bedroom and bathroom. i wanted to to be a place we both liked, therefore i did not want it to be too girly, or to manly! it is hard to find bedroom/bathroom stuff that is gender neural, it tends to either have flowers or manly stripes. for our bathroom, i decided to stick with a gold/yellowish and gray. i found towels i loveeeeeed at anthropologie, and absolutely had to have them. i decorated from there.

if i actually owned this place and could paint, i would FOR SURE paint the walls of the bathroom, but since we will not live here for long, i didn't want to paint, only to have to paint over it in a few months. like i said, one day i will own a home and will paint everywhere!
here is what our bathroom looks like...
you can see a bit of the gray and yellow. i bought paint for a piece of artwork you will see, and i also decided to paint the mat of the picture you see. it was a nice way to bring the yellow to that part of the room.
the shower curtain is actually 2 panels of a regular curtain. i could not find one i liked so i just got a clear shower curtain, and the regular curtains work great! you can also see my artwork here...a close up is next!
i have always loved the canvas artwork where small canvases make one big picture, i was excited to finally try it! i tried to mimc the pattern on the towels in the artwork.
and last, a mirror to make it look bigger. this was a white mirror and i added some rub n' buff to the edge to add a bit of silver!

hope you like the bathroom!

on a side note, my friend, mia, saw my bathroom and loved the painting i did. she requested one for her house and here it is!
i think it turned out ok. can't wait to see it hung in her house!

30 for 30: update.

yes, i realize i am behind on outfits. yes, i have been wearing my 30 for 30 items. yes, i will be posting pictures of outfits 5, 6, and 7 soon. sorry for the slacker-ness.
since i'm talking about clothes, i thought i would add this picture. no, this is not my closet, but i wish it was!


30 for 30: number 4

sorry for the late post...it's date night here in our home! anywho...here is number 4! i have loved this pashmina since i bought it about a year ago (at h and m) it so nicely incorporates many colors. there is a bit of purple with all the corals/pinks, so i added my purple flats and earrings. hope you liked it!

purple earrings!

i really liked this outfit! i have never worn it before, but it will be a repeat for sure!

i didn't get a photo of lb today, but to go with the trend of posting one of her, i will search for an old one...
the day we got her, over 3 years ago. just a sweet little 11 pound baby!